All scheduled meetings of the Watters District Council For Historical Preservation are open meetings. Visitors and interested parties are encouraged to attend. All one needs to do… is “show up.”

Message From the President

April 17th 6:30, Monday Evening at Shannon Scout Cabin

The water of the Watters District
This presentation will be about the abundant ground water resources of the Area, and how the development of the Community was molded around its water resources. We’ll go from the early days of springs and ram pumps to water witches and hand dug wells and cisterns to Hermitage and Shannon’s waterworks, and on to today’s county water system.

Monday, May 29th, 12:00 Noon… Shannon Circle (across from Shagg Williams Park)

Annual Memorial Day Observation
The Shannon Memorial Day Ceremony has become one of Floyd County’s best attended, and one of Georgia’s most meaningful, Memorial Day Events. First started in 1946 with the dedication of what’s now recognized as: The Nation’s first WWII monument, this year’s event will, again, feature 3-star General Billy Brown as keynote speaker. General Brown participated in the original 1946 dedication as a Second Class Boy Scout of Shannon Troop 30. Now, 71 years later, Billy’s back… as General Brown. And, Boy Scout, Troop 30 will still be there. They’ve never missed a ceremony… not one.

August 8, 2017, 6:30 pm, Model High School Auditorium

When the Blue Devils “Did Us Proud”
You’ll not want to miss this one. Only nine years after Coach N. S. Woodard started the Model Blue Devils’ football team, it was said that there was “no team in Georgia that can beat Model”. This is pretty-much verified by fact, that in 1954 when Model whipped Claxton in that back-to-back State Championship, the Blue Devils had chalked up 24 consecutive wins over the two-season! There was a soundless movie made of that Model/Claxton game, which has now being digitized, and is being overlain with announcer’s voice (Randy Davis) and spliced with commentary by actual players and cheerleaders of that victorious game of some 63 years ago. This work is being put together by Model High computer instructor, Bill Hosmer, and his students. We plan on having it premier at the Council’s August Meeting, which will probably be held at Model High School instead of the Scout Cabin. Model students, contributing to this project, cover a range in age of some 73 years. So today, you see… they’re still doing Model proud!

UPDATE:  The August meeting will be held at 6:30 Tuesday Evening, August 8th at the Model High School Auditorium. The title of the program will be “A SEASON TO REMEMBER”.

The main feature of the program will be a professionally-done, 68-minute, video documentary of the 1954 Model v/s Claxton, State Championship, football game. This is a joint project of Model High School and the Watters District Council for Historical Preservation. It will be a public event, free of charge to all. Everyone is cordially invited to attend.

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Oct. 9th at 6:30, Monday Evening at Shannon Scout Cabin

Old Stores and Businesses of The Past
This presentation will be about those local community businesses that once proudly served the community, and are now just a memory of times past. Most were identified by the owner’s name. Many off us “old timers” will still remember patronizing: Harvey’s, Johnny’s, Joanne’s, Paris’s, Uncle Bill’s, White’s, McFry’s, Kessler’s and Everett’s. Other past businesses, no longer here, consisted of: a bank, a cotton mill, an iron mill, a bauxite mine (America’s first), a dry cleaner, two medical clinics, two drug stores, a cotton mill, six dairies, a tile plant, a shoe shop, a tavern and three beer joints… something for everyone! We will be developing this program over the next few months, and need photographs of the businesses and the people that owned them and/or worked there. We want to make copies to include in both the presentation and a large collection to be placed on the wall of the Scout Cabin. To supply pictures for this project, please call Jack Dickey at 470 309-1260 or email to:

Videos of some of our past meetings are now online!

Shannon Recreation Scout Cabin
40 Minshew Road, Shannon, GA 30172
6:30 pm