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Watters District Council for Historical Preservation Executive Board
Watters District Council for Historical Preservation Executive Board
From left, Jack Dickey, board member at large; Jennifer Kearns, president; Elaine Robbins, vice president; Donna Beason, treasurer; Bobbi VanSchoyck, secretary

The initial organizational meeting for the WDC was held on September 13, 2010, in the Shannon Scout Cabin. This was a full community event where everyone present could become a charter member of the Watters District Council for Historical Preservation. Our first meeting hosted the Rome Keep Beautiful Neighborhood Focus for Shannon, coordinated by Mary Hardin Thornton of Rome Keep Beautiful. An Executive Board was elected with Elaine Freeman Robbins being elected as the first President.

The Bylaws were written and voted on at the first business meeting in January 2011. The Council is governed by a Board of Trustees of no less than 15 Council Members, serving 3 year terms. Of the Board of Trustees, 7 are nominated to be on the Executive Committee. The Officers from the Executive Committee include a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Elections are held once a year to replace outgoing positions in January. A Nominating Committee of 3 members is elected each January to fill vacant positions. The Bylaws are available upon request to any Officer.

As per the Bylaws, "The general purpose of The Council shall be that of establishing and maintaining an entity by which items and records of historical significance related to the political precinct area of Floyd County, Georgia, known as Watters District, and the immediate and surrounding vicinity, thereof, along with the heritage pertaining to the people of said area, be recorded, maintained, and preserved in such fashion as to be accessible by public display, open records and other means for and to the benefit of area residents, students and other interested parties."

Meetings for the Council were organized to be presented quarterly in January, April, August, and October, usually the second Monday of the month at 6:30pm in the Shannon Scout Cabin, 40 Minshew Road. Speakers of local interest are engaged to reveal local history. The Council has presented programs about the Cherokee Homes in the area, Sorghum Syrup Production, Civil War Connections, Bauxite Mining, Barnsley Gardens History, Textile Sports in Shannon, History of the Texas Flag and it's ties to Floyd County, Bells Ferry, the Berry Waterwheel History and it's ties to Hermitage, and Rome's Broad Street Genealogy.