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Brighton's Warp and Welt Magazine - September 1947

A story on the new Shannon Colored School in a recent issue of the Rome News-Tribune says, in part:

“Rustic beauty of pioneer days has been coupled with the modern conveniences of today in the construction of a log building at the Shannon Colored School, which has replaced an old, dilapidated structure almost ready to fall down after almost a half century of service.

“The rambling, one-story log building includes two classrooms, a stage and a modern lunch room. You have to visualize the bulky, two-story frame structure, which was “coming apart at the seams” in order to realize the improvement wrought for the needs of a colored community of today.”

The need for a better physical plant to house the colored school was recognized by Mr. Morrison, to whom a realization of need is always a demand for action. Many problems arose before a new structure could become a reality but to each obstacle there was a means of overcoming.

The old school was situated on property owned by a local church. Title to the grounds was secured and a deed was executed to the Board of Education. This made the expenditure of public funds on a new building legal. The only trouble was that little or no public funds were available.

An agreement was reached which provided that the patrons of the school assist in getting the necessary materials to the building site. To this they very quickly and willingly agreed. Soon pine poles were cut, skinned and hauled to the grounds. Many loads of native mountain stone were brought to the site for use in the foundation and in building chimneys. In addition, the colored people donated a substantial amount of cash and many more hours of labor. Their interest and wholehearted cooperation are worthy of high praise.

The Board of Education manifested its support of the project through a token cash contribution. The Board is also expected to assist in equipping the new structure.

From this point Mr. Morrison and Brighton not only continued their interest and enthusiasm in the project, but furnished all of the funds necessary for the completion of the building. This contribution exceeded, many times over, the combined cash provided by the colored people and the Board of Education.

The colored youth of Shannon and surrounding community are quite proud of their new school building and are determined to utilize its facilities to the utmost. They are very appreciative of the contributions made by each individual in making their dreams of a new building become a reality. To Mr. Morrison and Brighton they are doubly grateful for without Mr. Morrison’s inspiration, direction and financial aid the new building would have remained a dream.