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Alice O'Neal at Christmas dinner in Weave Room

Alton Abernathy oils bearings in the Spinning Room - 1946

Annie Lacey - creeling a warper to produce Brighton quality fabrics - 1948

Anthony F. Carney - 1948

Arnold Freeman, returning veteran, works in the shop. He is son of H.L. Freeman, master mechanic - 1946

Arthur Owens works in Cloth Room as a folder hand. 1944

Arvil Clark, music lover works in the Card Room and still finds time to play his piano. 1945

Barbara Pence - 1948

Betty Witt - 1948

Bill Sherman is head of Brighton's Cost Department - 1946

Brighton Mill Old Timers Banquet - 1943

Brighton's New Parking Lot - 1940's

Carl Lemmons is operating a filling conditioning machine in the weaving department - 1946

Carl Scott wheels a bale of raw material into Brighton's warehouse - 1946

Christmas Dinner in Spinning Room

Christmas Dinner in the Weave Room

Clarence Lee Wright operates a shearer in the cloth room - 1946

Claude E. White, Sr. works in the office at Brighton. In his spare time, he loves to fish, hunt and garden. 1945

Cloth Design & Weaving Class - 1940

Daught Little has worked as a Draw-In Hand since 1937. She sets the patterns for the Brighton Fabrics. 1945

Dollie Heaton works 2nd shift in the Winding Room at a doubler machine. 1945

Dope Wagon at Brighton Mill - 1947

Dope Wagon - Buck Langston makes change for Louise Moore in the Spinning Room. 1947

Dope Wagon - Larry Brown in a well supplied storeroom. 1947

Dope Wagon - Mr. Minshew on his way to quench the thirst of the office force. 1947

Eddie Reese & Homer Smith are overhauling a drawing frame - 1947

Ed Kelly, Personnel Manager speaking with employee

Ed Kelly - 1945

Ed Tippins is a speed tender in the Card Room. He served 3 years in the U. S. Navy - 1947

Electrician Elmer Swinford is attaching a motor and wiring a new loom - 1949

Elizabeth Johnson, receptionist works the mill's telephone service - 1946

Estelle Williams Minshew creels a speeder in the Card Room - 1946

Florence Greene - 1948

Frances Barker is a winding room employee and works on requillers - 1949

Frank Gaines - 1945

H. L. Freeman keeps Brighton in order and sees that things run smoothly all over the mill. - 1945

Harold J. Morris works second shift in the weaving department - 1946

Induction Program 1948

Induction Program 1948

Induction Program 1948

Induction Program 1948

Induction Program 1948

Induction Program 1948

James Braden is assistant to Brighton's job analyst - 1947

James Langston is responsible for Brighton's green lawns - 1945

Jeff Dunahoo, tie-in machine operator has worked at Brighton since 1931. Frank Wilson is his assistant - 1946

John Proctor is a filling hauler in the Weave Room - 1946

John Sparks, Twister Room employee at Shannon Plant - 1948

Lance Johnson - 1948

Lester H. Edwards, Sr. is a Warehouse employee, weighing a shipment of materials - 1948

Lillie Mae McDuffie works in the Winding Department - 1947

Lillie Shelnut works in the Weave Room 1945

Lois Evans - 1948

Lois G. Smith is a smash hand in the Weaving Department, she threads new warps, getting them ready for operation - 1947

Loom Fixing Class - 1940

Loyd Dooley has worked in the card room for 3 years and is piecing up an end on an intermediate.

Machine Shop - 1941

Mary Rackley is a spinner. Mary's husband, son & daughter also work at the mill - 1948

Melvin Baggett is a slasher tender checking the lease on his high speed slasher - 1948

Melvin Couey - 1945

Monnie Mitchell works in the winding department - 1949

Mr. & Mrs. W.O. McIntire - 1947

Napoleon V. Land, Card Room employee & citizen of Shannon community - 1948

Pearl Lee, grader & Lucille Baggett, checker, at work in the Cloth Room.

Ralph Bramblett is employee of the Mill Laboratory - 1943

Ray Whitlow, returning veteran, is a loom fixer.

Robert (Buck) Green for 10 years works in the shop - 1949

Roy McEarchern & Irl Johnson, Brighton's Shipping Clerk in the Warehouse - 1946

Sam Johnston works in the Weave Room & Samuel P. Jackson is shown firing the boiler at the mill - 1948

Shift Changing Time - 8 am, 4 pm & 12 midnight 1945

T. J. Nasworthy

Textile Mathematics Classs - 1940

Visiting with co-workers under the big tree before going to work 1945

Vocational Night School - 1940

Walter S. Colston is a picker tender in the No. 2 Picker Room - 1946

Weave Room

William A. (Bill) Meenen busy with work at his desk - 1948

William Carney is Slasher Room Foreman. He lives in the Shannon village. - 1948

William E. Sherman - 1945

William L. Stewart, machinist at Shannon's Brighton Mill Shop - 1948

Willie Ruth Nasworthy - 1947

Windell Minshew is a drawing tender in the Card Room - 1946